aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,


I've had two doctors on my rear end lately about getting a c-pap machine. I have been resisting the idea, but they've been relentless. My sleep study was terrible that I had a few months ago. Over a hundred apneas! Obstructive AND Central sleep apnea! Awful! Your life is at stake!

The neurologist confirmed what the allergist said. I said, well, I've lost a lot of weight. And besides, I was hooked up to all those wires and didn't feel like I could sleep normally, so I just lay back and snored my guts out.

So, as a compromise, the neurologist agreed that I should do a second sleep study, to see if I did better with less weight and sleeping on my side as I normally do. I wore my Breathe Right strip, too. He called while I was in the woods, apparently. I have a note here from the neurologist in Deanne's handwriting saying, "no sleep apnea."

Yeah, and no high-priced, uncomfortable, and impossible to take backpacking machine, either. Nyeah! So there.

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