aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

The Fog of War is nothing compared to the Smoke and Mirrors in the White House

In the face of accusations that the President left Americans to die in Benghazi last month, he says he ordered that everything possible be done to help our people. How can we know the truth? Simple.

If the President gave an order to the Secretary of Defense or anyone in the military chain of command, that order was passed on to everyone who would need to receive it in order to implement it. It still exists, probably in multiple copies. Produce the order, Mr. President, and all your critics will have to eat crow.

Well, perhaps he didn’t actually give a real order to anyone in the chain of command. Maybe he just told a roomful of staffers what he wanted. Well, guess what. There is a secretary accompanying the POTUS at every occasion when he meets with anybody in the White House. Everyone who enters or leaves the room is noted, and every decision or order is recorded. This is an official record. So, produce the transcript, Mr. President, and everybody will have to shut up about this.

If Obama can’t or won’t produce an order or a meeting transcript supporting his version of events, then he’s lying. Which would mean he left a U.S. Ambassador and other Americans in the service of their country to die at the hands of terrorist scum.

Put up or shut up, Mr. President.

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