aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

I must be doing something right

Well, my little study group on ancient Church history keeps plowing ahead. The problem with teaching history is that you can't do group process to discover it -- before you can talk about anything and be drawn in, somebody has to read or listen to or watch a presentation. History is one of those things best taught didactically.

Lucky for me, we are beginning to get into territory that connects with something in the modern Christian's background. I got more response out of them tonight as we talked about the Arian controversy and the changes in Church life that followed the Peace of the Church. 'Course, I tend to present things in a rather breezy format, trying to make these people and their debates come alive and all.

So even though Nicholas of Myra wasn't a big player at I Nicea, I made sure we talked about him. After all, he later became the most popular saint of the Middle Ages -- not to mention the model for Santa Claus. (Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus: he was a good man who loved Jesus and helped write the Nicene Creed we said in worship this morning.)

Anyway, one of the class members -- a woman of my age -- asked tonight where she could find a copy of Augustine's City of God. I said I'd go prowl through my library and find my copy to loan her. But, hey -- an ordinary church member who wants to read The City of God? That's an opening into a wider world, I hope!

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