aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

2012 Council Camporee

Our happy Crew attended the Hoosier Trails Council Camporee this weekend. Five Venturers and three adults camped out; one adult visited for the day Saturday; and one youth had to stay home, sick. Deanne was a real trouper, I must say.

The weekend started out cold and wet. The wet got better as the sun came out and dried up all the landy-landy, but the wind that blew the front through was downright chilly. At one point Saturday afternoon, I found myself sitting in a lawnchair with the sun burning my left cheek while the right side of my face was numb with cold wind. Go figure.

Crew 119 got the Spirit Award for the most tricked-out car from Wapehani District. If there had been a "best in show," I feel sure we would have nailed it. We not only had the coolest car, we came in costume to race it. Still, we finished 10th overall for time, which wasn't bad.

There were other cool activities to do. I schmoozed several people about Venturing and about our Congo mission trip. This morning, I led worship for about 250 Scouts and Scouters. We took up an offering for the NAUMS Bible project, which came to $101.14!

After we got home, we set up the tents to dry and went our separate ways. This concludes the October madness for me this year. And now, for the pix!


If you're going to make an omelet, you've got to break some eggs.
Pat and TC learn how to make omelets.


Troop 119 had a pretty cool car, too.
We camped next to our sister Troop. They're a fun bunch.


I am cow, hear me moo.
Cheyanne was the hit of the camporee.


Don't look now.
Ben came as the Invisible Man.


Why am I not surprised.
Dakota fitted with a straitjacket


Does this make my butt look big?
Rachael trying on a costume. She eventually dropped this one for a Medusa look.


At the starting line
Cheyanne in the driver seat with Ben ready to push the first leg. The others took turns pushing the car around the track.


Dangerous Duo.
Invisi-Ben and Captain T.C.


They're more agile than you think.
The National Guard guys running the climbing wall loved seeing Cheyanne climb in costume.


Bird of Prey
Beautiful bird displayed by naturalists on the Midway


Troop 119 out for a spin
They could have junked everything else and just had the Scouts mess around with their cars.


Ramping up the action
BMX riders put on a show

Photo by Amy Summers

Crew 119 in full fig
"Down with civilization as we know it!"

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