aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Consecration Sunday

The big day arrived, and the Troop swung into action. I led the prep work last night, making lasagne, breadsticks (rising in the fridge) and cream puffs (to be assembled this morning). This morning, Deanne marshalled her forces and turned up the dial all the way on the Italian feast.

While the cooks labored in the kitchen downstairs, we had our Consecration Sunday service upstairs. Jim Ottjes was our guest speaker. As we were eating lunch, we were given the news from our financial leaders: the church responded with more pledges and a larger total pledged than we have ever experienced before. Great news! Then we turned our attention back to the food.

The Scouts cooked and served a menu of Parmesan Chicken Tenders, Salad, Lasagne, Peas, Breadsticks, and Cream Puffs. They really wowed the congregation. Congratulations are in order! Good job!


Lasagne by the yard
Doing prep the night before


Here, chick-chick-chick
A bunch of friars -- er, fryers


Designing the play
Good service comes from good coaching!


A bit of puffery
Oh, wow.


The Judge
Doling out their just desserts


First date
Trip and Meredith


Tableside service

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