aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

You said it, Jesse!

In his 1988 Presidential campaign, Jesse Jackson talked about our trade deficit and economic situation in these terms: "We makin' what ain't nobody buyin'." (For the record, I thought he was the best campaigner in the Democratic field that year.)

But now comes the Democratic National Committee to choose a new Chair, and the winner, ladies and gentlemen, is . . . Howard Dean!

Sound of crickets in the night.

Jesse was right, and his advice is on target for the Democrats. Oh, Dean is a bright man, an aggressive campaigner, he understands the internet and money, but COME ON . . .

This is the guy who thought he could appeal to Southerners and conservatives by talking about Confederate flags in the back windows of pickup trucks. This is the guy whose deepest religious convictions are shown in quitting his congregation -- AND denomination -- in a huff after not getting his way over a bike path (and who said his favorite New Testament book was Job!). This is the guy who said, "I hate the Republicans and all they stand for." This is Mr. Lefty. This is the guy who couldn't beat John Kerry.

Forget the Republicans' glee. Why are the Democrats celebrating? Is it just the irresistible urge to stop and rubberneck at a traffic accident?

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