aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Alas, Babylon

Since stepping down as President of the National Association of United Methodist Scouters, I've been busy with the usual fall happenings in my congregation. I'm still in contact with the NAUMS Board, to which I owe some projects I've agreed to help with, but I'm not taking part in their current round of meetings. I'm giving my successor space as well as support.

Still, I can't help but hear the yelps of pain as fingers get caught in the gears while trying to run the machine. NAUMS is a difficult organization to work with, being made up of all volunteers scattered around the country with no staff assets the President can control to get done what he needs to get done. That said, The General Commission on UM Men and its Office of CYSA/Scouting (to which NAUMS relates on an official level) are as dysfunctional as any other part of the UM bureaucracy. I am well out of it. I bore patiently with it (well, most of the time patiently) for four years.

The actual blow-by-blow over who's right and who's wrong on all the issues that grind up the people involved in UM Scouting and UM Men would not be appropriate to post here. Besides, any readers would tire quickly of the repetitive detail: no one's discovered a new way to treat others badly since the Sumerians invented office politics several millennia ago. But as someone who has spent his life's work in The United Methodist Church, and who has a particular calling and burden for Scouting Ministry, it is certainly disheartening.

Maybe after the powers that be are done wrecking The UMC (a project many hands have contributed to over the years), we'll be able to put something else in place of the crazy people who run things in Nashville. One can only hope.

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