aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Coming along

Well, here's our happy Crew's car again, all screwed together. Not a pile of wood stacked in a corner any more. We haven't put the wheels, safety belt, or steering rope on her yet, 'cause we've got to get her painted first.

The Venturers spent Sunday and Monday with screw guns slapping this baby together. Thursday, she gets a double coat of primer. We're going to paint her and let her dry outside, jacked up on blocks. That'll make her qualify for the Kentucky Pinewood Derby, for sure.

We're planning to decorate the car as a coffin with a skeletal driver painted on the bed and brass handles on the sides. Tentative name of our life-size (or maybe, "death-size") Pinewood Derby car: Beat the Reaper. Our Venturers are planning on coming dressed in spooky costume to race her at the Camporee.

I know, you wish you'd thought of it. And you would have, if you were as cool as our Crew. Too bad that's not happenin'.

Coming along

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