aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Busy weekend

I'm leaving in a bit to wander over to Wilderstead, then on to Ohio. I have a wedding rehearsal to attend on the far side of Milford. Then it's back to the holler for the night.

Friday, I'll dig some more. Also, I need to get in some more block to start the second retaining wall. Deanne arrives at the cabin late in the evening.

Saturday, we attend the wedding, then return to E-ville. Sunday's comin', with all that entails.

Meanwhile, there is a very nice pump organ over in Columbus I was going to go look at, but I think I'll punt until Sunday evening or Monday morning on that. Just can't squeeze everything in and stay sane.

Congratulations to Zach R. and Rachel S., the happy couple. One cast-iron mandolin is on its way to you!

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