aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Titania on line two, Pastor -- are you in?

The message on my answering machine began, "This is Chris Woodfairy . . ." I was befuddled, to say the least. But years of pastoral ministry have taught me to smile and nod and wait for the other shoe to drop, even when listening to recordings. Even if what you've just heard makes no sense, it may if you just pay attention.*

Neverthless, it intrigued me. What sort of woodfairy did she think herself to be? A pixie? A hamadryad? A nymph? She never said. But eventually, my mind cleared enough to guess that she was using a double-barrelled, hyphenated name. Her father is Bob Wood. So I'm guessing she goes by Wood-Ferry or Wood-Ferree or Wood-Fehre.

Ah, what might have been.

*This is especially important when someone comes up to you and starts talking as if you've been buddies for years: you play along, hoping that he or she will give you enough clues to guess who in the world you're smiling and exchanging patter with before you have to embarrass yourself by asking for a name.

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