aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Doin' the doggy hospice

Sassafras is now in her last days. We don't know how long she has with us, but it's not going to be long. A week or two at best, probably. She has two large tumors that aren't really treatable, so we're giving her extra steroids and painkillers along with lots of love while we ready ourselves for her loss.

She has always been a high-maintenance dog. When she was a year old, the vet told us she had a malformed heart and wouldn't live long. We took her to a specialist vet who said her heart was fine; she had an asthma-like condition. So we have given her steroids and bronchodilators ever since. She has had to have a special diet in recent years; she has had several surgeries; her medicine regime requires one of those seven-day pill containers to keep straight. But a sweeter, more loving doggie I have never known.

When we bought our place in Ohio County, I imagined that she would still be with us when I retired. She used to enjoy splashing in the creek and sniffing at the trails of deer and turkey. She hasn't enjoyed going to the holler for quite a while; and of late, she hasn't been able to travel that far. But when her time comes, we will take her home to Wilderstead to rest next to Fuji and Cuthbert.

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