aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Good eats

I'm relaxing and rehydrating right now. Been a long, hot day. By 8:00 a.m., I was hard at it, getting ready for the Venturers' Grill-off. Dakota arrived at 9, Sarah at 9:30, and Deanne about the same time. Soon after, the Wolfs (Wolves?) arrived to help. My competitor, Mike, pulled up with his charcoal grill a little after ten. By that time, we'd made kool-aid, potato salad, and trifle as a crew.

My finger food entry was a crostini made of a baguette slice, topped with roasted red peppers in marinara sauce, a leaf of fresh basil and a slice of home-made Italian sausage. My meat dish was a hickory smoked pot roast with potatoes, onions, and carrots and a wee bit of flat-leaf parsley. The secret ingredients for the third dish were giant marshmallows, bananas, and red peppers. I had already decided to make pizza, because I could swing either sweet or savory, depending upon the mystery basket.

Mike countered with a spicy fish in endive for the finger food spot, followed by a really good meatball with flatbread. His secret ingredients wound up in a kind of dessert salad. My dessert was really awful, largely because I'd chosen the wrong kind of instant dough for grilling. It was a mess. I think he edged me out over dessert.

So, Mike is the new Grill-off Champion, and congratulations to him! We all had fun. The food was amazing. At the end of our eating time, I got the briskets going for tomorrow's church picnic (they're roasting now, low and slow, over at the church). Then, Dakota, Deanne, and I went shopping for the Philmont trip. In a little while, I've got to go over to the church and mess with more stuff, especially with getting the Philmont food all put together the right way.

We lost the shade by about noon. The sun beat down on us. I slugged back tea all morning, but between the sun and the cooking fire, I was about done in. I went old school, and built a wood fire to grill over. It was great.


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