aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Our latest project

I've finally started work on a project Deanne and I have been meaning to get to for several years: our COOKBOOK! Yes! I hope to have the basic text completed by fall; Deanne's desire for lots of pictures may hold us back from completion before Christmas. Still, it's Game On.

The title of our cookbook will be Hunger is the Best Sauce. There will be three major sections.
The Smell of Woodsmoke. This will elucidate my contribution to camp cookery, especially the art of cooking over a wood fire.

What's for Dinner? This will draw upon our history of getting dinner on the table for a busy family, on a budget, with various health constraints.

Feeding the Multitudes. The final section will be about cooking for parties, retreats, family feasts, etc.
When I went through and found all my easy-to-find recipes that Deanne and I have developed over the years, I had about forty. That's enough for a cookbook, I thought. Then, in developing the total outline, I wound up with over a hundred and thirty recipes. Some of those are pretty minor, hardly enough for a full rendition, but still. I think we've got enough material.

I'm hoping to publish this for real through CreateSpace; however, I may contribute the income or profits from the first run to our Venturing Crew, to enable them to raise money for some of the big trips in the offing next year or so.

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