aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Don't Step in the Huzanga

So, apparently, the Smartest Man Ever to Be President has committed another stupendous bit of stupidity, perhaps his most egregious yet. Huffington Post is reporting that President Obama has claimed executive privilege for the documents that the House committee investigating the Fast and Furious gun-walking scandal at DOJ have subpoenaed.

Fast and Furious is what Bill Clinton used to call "a dead-bang loser." The scandal is bad enough, the cover-up is worse. It appears that Eric Holder (among others) may have deliberately lied to Congress. He faced a contempt vote this morning. Holder is already the worst AG in my memory. He ought to have been cut loose long since. But now, Obama has come to his rescue.

By exerting executive privilege, Obama won't save Holder. All he has done is to take the Fast and Furious scandal for his very own. Obama owns it now, and it will be hung around his neck from now until the election. What a colossally dumb move, but all too typical of our autocratic, out of touch, over-honored while under-achieving Dear Leader.

N.B. I was going to title this post "Brer Fox Grabs the Tar Baby," but I thought some simpleton would think a literary reference to Joel Chandler Harris racist. So, the title instead refers to the old political joke of the candidate visiting an Indian village. At his every utterance, the tribespeople shout, "Huzanga!" He takes this for a compliment. As he is leaving, his guide takes him through a buffalo pasture and says, "Don't step in the huzanga." If the Native American reference offends you, take it up with Elizabeth Warren.

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