aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Comings and goings

Deanne left an hour ago for her visit to Virginia Beach. She's staying overnight in West Virginia at her favorite wayside inn. The Werecub's birthday this year is on Father's Day, and she will be able to go to church with them on Sunday and spend some time spoiling him. She returns next Wednesday. Prayers for her going out and her coming in. And prayers for me, since care of our high-maintenance pets is now my sole responsibility. (O, be joyful.)

Before she left, she got a call from our doctor. She had gone in a couple days ago to be checked out for waterborne diseases. She had some symptoms about a week or ten days after our shakedown trek. And she won -- campylobacter! *cue music* I've alerted the other shakedown participants and their families so we can all get tested. I don't know whether our doctor will ask me to be tested or just treat me empirically. Anyway, it's easily treated.

No one else is sharing any complaints (which is not proof they don't have a bug), but I suspect what happened is that I bobbled the water purification process with her Camelbak. Those things are notoriously hard to deal with when you're purifying water. They hold three times a normal amount of water, which means you may not get the iodine completely diffused before you thread the cap. The cap is bigger than a water bottle cap. And, final complication (and probably source of infection), you have to bleed the hose and bite valve with the now iodized water. So, if only Deanne has the bug, you can put that one on me. Well, these things happen, though I'm starting to feel like I'm in a Three Stooges skit or something, the way I keep getting whacked with boards and all.

I see a Dentist this afternoon to get my crown fixed (I hope). Tomorrow, I get to see Bishop Ntambo and present him with 1200 dated Scout Sunday patches from NAUMS for him to distribute next month at the North Katanga Annual Conference. (Yay!) Meanwhile, my sore throat is much, much better. Praise God for antibiotics.

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