aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

A Jekyll and Hyde kind of day

I scooted over to Wilderstead yesterday afternoon to try to get my tractor fixed. It wasn't a cakewalk, but I did get my new ignition installed. I put the battery in, and tried to fire it up. Nothing. I put my battery booster on it, and the glow plug worked. The driveshaft spun, but I didn't get the engine to catch. Not enough power.

The good news was that I had hooked everything up correctly and that it wanted to work. So I got out my generator and hooked the battery booster up to it for a few hours. In the morning, I tried again. Still couldn't get the engine to catch. I need to get a legitimate battery charger, which means I'm going to have to spend some serious money. But, as I said, the tractor works.

I did some other chores out in the holler this morning. It was lovely. A beautiful day. A pleasure to just be there. As I was finishing up lunch, I heard a *gobblegobblegobble* outside. I went to the window and saw a huge Tom turkey strutting up the road past the cabin. I locked up and headed for home, utterly at peace with the world.

At home, I opened up my e-mail and started to catch the weirdness being thrown at me. Got some major stressors for this weekend coming up that have to be dealt with. Other people are all needing responses from me RIGHT NOW on various things. Sheesh. I shoulda stayed out in the woods.

Oh, well. Get 'er done. No way out but straight ahead.

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