aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Bridge over placid waters

It was a beautiful day for a walk about town. Our third annual Ellettsville Heritage Hike drew 27 hikers, most doing the 5K route. The Eastern Star did a bang-up job with breakfast. The stone carver was showing his work. The Boys and Girls Club had a lemonade stand down at Campbell's Park. And the Boy Scouts put up a rope bridge over Turtleback Creek, which was a big hit.

Props to Venturers Pat, Rachael, and Dakota, for joining me in registering people for the hike. At the close of the start time, we went down to the park to check out the Troop's bridge. Here are some pictures from yesterday evening and today.

Learning the ropes Learning the ropes Making the A-frames for the rope bridge
Throw me a line! Throw me a line! Lloyd casting the foot rope across the creek
Bridge Builders Bridge Builders Troop 119 spanning the Turtleback
Your ASPL hard at work Your ASPL hard at work Tyler has the surly adolescent look down pat
Crossing over Crossing over Dakota steps out
Getting your feet wet Getting your feet wet Rachael and Dakota in Turtleback Creek


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