aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Very long day

I still haven't found our checkbook. Now, my paycheck is floating around somewhere. My brain is tired, losing elasticity or something.

I had an afternoon meeting in Carmel, so I went up 67 toward Indy. (Had to pick something up in Spencer along the way.) As I went crusing up the road, I was surprised to see the town sign for Cloverdale. I had missed my turn at Gosport and just kept cruising up 231. Oh, well. I got lunch in Cloverdale and hopped the intersnake. No biggie. Then I realized I had forgotten my cell phone. Well, I probably won't need it, I thought. After leaving my meeting, I stopped for gas and locked my keys in the car. I finally got going again and made it home only half an hour late. Then I saw my cell phone in the car console; I had had it along after all.

I wolfed down a sandwich and went over to the park to help the Scouts put up a monkey bridge for tomorrow's Heritage Hike. I finally had to give up and come home. I'm just all done in.

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