aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Mr. 'Splainer Man in action

orangesodapop05 had a post about doctor stuff that reminded me of this story. It must be eleven years ago now that I was teaching my Sunday School class at Lynnville: four or five boys all 11-12, who had all just been through confirmation class the previous spring, and all of whom were in my Boy Scout troop. That morning, we had mentioned Jerry (a sixty-ish guy) in worship for special prayer. As we finished up our Sunday School class, we were enumerating prayer requests and getting ready to pray, and I reminded them to pray for Jerry.

"What's wrong with him?" someone asked.

"He has prostate cancer," I replied.

"What's that?"

So I explained that the prostate was a small organ that lay deep inside the hip girdle next to the bladder, and that when they got older, the doctor would check it as part of their regular physical exams.

Nathan promptly volunteered that he had had that checked at his recent physical to go to camp. I told him that what he had had done was undoubtedly a hernia check, because the doctor doesn't check your prostate until you're about forty, and when he does, he puts on a latex glove and has you bend over and he puts his finger very deeply in a very tight place.

You wouldn't think anybody's eyes could get that large, you know?

(Later on, I was telling this to Betty [Jerry's wife] and told her, "They don't need a pastor; they need a urologist." She replied that they were lucky that they had someone like me to explain these things to them.)

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