aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

And another day gets up and rumbles down the track

I haven't had any painkillers since Monday night. Did fine yesterday, but bandages are pulling and itching. There are times when it would be nice to pop a pill and not worry about odd little sensations in the tummy area, but I need my wits about me.

Yesterday evening we went out to eat for the first time since my surgery. I drove, also for the first time. I did fine, though it wore me out. I also did fine with the restaurant food, though it was higher in fat content than I've been eating at home, even though I was consciously avoiding fried food and cheese.

Back on the job today, more or less. Have Bible study today at noon, choir this evening. That's as much as I can hope to get through. Gotta get some more work done on the computer (as always).

Coffee's mighty fine this morning.

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