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I went over to the church for Scouts tonight. Sat in the back and schmoozed with other adults mostly. It was my first real interaction with other people since my surgery, and I needed it. I was also pretty shaky by the time I left.

Praying right now for a young man and his family who are hurting very much. Praying for another young man on a very questionable path. Praying for General Conference, which opens tomorrow, but where the lobbying has already begun. Praying for bodily strength, mental energy, and spiritual zeal to get through a bunch of stuff that won't wait, even if I'm supposed to be off duty.

Deanne suggested I work a jigsaw puzzle to relieve boredom. We have several that have never been put together, she said. So I went upstairs yesterday and brought down a Mazzle (map puzzle) that I bought in Scotland some years ago. It's a jigsaw puzzle of a topo map (they would call it an Ordnance Survey map in the UK) of the area including Fort William, Ben Nevis, and Glen Coe. It's devilishly hard. You see, topo maps can be very colorful, but not where there's no tree cover. The basic map color of unforested land is white. The Highlands are pretty bare. That means the majority of pieces to this puzzle are little white blanks with not much more than contour lines on them.

Did some editing yesterday on the ms. for my first book of sermons to be published. Gotta look up a couple of copyrights and I'll be ready to upload the text. Need a publisher's imprint. I'd like to use my burning bush logo, maybe call my imprint Wilderstead Press. Need to think that one over. But I'm hoping to have this first selection of my oeuvre available before Christmas. I don't know if anybody will ever buy these, but I'd like to get my greatest hits published before I die. That will at least equip my heirs to answer to the question, "What do we do with all these manuscripts? (and, nowadays, computer files?)"

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