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News from the peaceable kingdom

asakiyume wanted me to be sure to take some nature pictures on my overnight trip to Wilderstead. As if I needed to be encouraged. (Click on any pic to enlarge it.)

The holler is really greening up fast. The creek is in spate. I put on my sandals and crossed it by the ford on my neighbor's property; I could feel the force of the water against my feet. There was a 'possum on the bank under a brush pile this morning, but he was a bit camera shy. First one of those I've seen at Wilderstead.

I got some chores done, and made a list of stuff to get done before I get swamped with summer activities. It rained again overnight; I lay in the cabin and heard it spatter on the skylights and roof. In between rains, the stars came out in glory. Mars is close to Antares in Leo. These two old foes would have dominated the sky if it weren't for Venus pouring fire out of heaven on the other side of the firmament. In between, Orion, Taurus, and the Dogs exhibited their bejeweled tableau.

I feel so much better for having been out there, to have spent the night, and dug in the dirt, and walked about. It is my haven.

Honey locust by the Pishon Honey locust by the Pishon This year's new growth bursting from the bud
Holding the bank Holding the bank old, established trees with mossy trunks
Looking down the hollow Looking down the hollow Pishon creek on the left, cabin on the right, gravel road leading to Akes Hill Rd. in the center; I plan to build a little chapel on this hillside.
Evergreen shining with a million tiny jewels Evergreen shining with a million tiny jewels Late afternoon sun shining on water droplets left by a light rain


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