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Cape Henry

Got an extra hour of sleep last night and took my time getting going this morning. Once I had reconnoitered with Anna, Brian, and Daniel, we decided we'd go climb the lighthouse at Ft. Story. On our way, we stopped at a grocery store to get the fixin's of a picnic lunch, which we ate by the playground at First Landing S.P. Then it was on to the Fort.

At Ft. Story, we were passed through by security and arrived at the Cape Henry lighthouses. The old lighthouse was the first public works project approved by the new U.S. Congress after the Constitution was ratified. Across the street is the new lighthouse, still maintained by the Coast Guard. Brian and I climbed the steps up to the lighthouse, then the spiral staircase in the lighthouse, then up the ship's ladder to the top, where a last, short spiral staircase led to the beacon chamber. All in all, there are 191 steps to the tippy-top. Daniel was too small to ascend, so I stayed with him while Brian went up again, this time with Anna. We were all weak in the legs by the time we left the lighthouse.

We schlepped down the street to the memorial to the Battle of the Capes, then it was over the dunes to gaze at the site of the First Landing of English colonists in America. They made landfall at Cape Henry, then relocated to the other side of the peninsula to establish Jamestown. After this, we returned to the house and flopped. Stick a fork in us, we're done.

Old Camp Henry Lighthouse Old Camp Henry Lighthouse
Brian at Old Camp Henry Lighthouse Brian at Old Camp Henry Lighthouse
Ft. Story Ft. Story Anna, Brian, Daniel
Life's a beach Life's a beach Site of First Landing, 1607


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