aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Last post of the day

All is quiet here at First Landing State Park. I have the veranda of the Park HQ to myself (that's where the free WiFi is). Getting ready to go snuggle down for the night.

My plane finally took off an hour late from Atlanta, but everything was great upon landing in Norfolk. I drove off about 4:30 and toodled up the shore to the park, set up my campsite, and headed for Anna's place. They were waiting on me. And we all went out to a Japanese steak house for dinner.

Got to play with Daniel a good bit. He was a tad shy at first, but soon he was smiling at me and showing me things. Now he's quite comfortable sitting on my lap, letting me take a turn of toddler care while Mommy and Daddy rest and eat. He claps in time to music and sings syllables. He likes spicy foods. He also likes sour foods, including sauerkraut (now, that's my boy).

We haven't finalized all the plans for this weekend, but we're going to go do some history stuff. And Anna wants to take Daniel hiking up here at First Landing. And I've looking for something to get A & B for their birthdays next month. And there's the St. Patrick's dinner tomorrow night at their church. And I'm sure there'll be some games and lots of good talk.

It's good to be here.

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