aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Overnight trip to Wilderstead

I finally got back over to the holler last night about 10:30 or so. Everything looked good. I checked the pictures in my new security camera. There were 83 pictures taken over the last three weeks, including one or two of my arrival. Nobody and nothing were in any of them. Not even a deer or raccoon. Swaying branches and clouds passing before the sun and whatnot must have triggered the motion sensor in the camera 80+ times. The good news is, all was secure and no prowlers have been about!

I built a fire in the woodstove and settled in for the evening. By the time I was ready for bed, there was an inch or so of snow on the ground. I was shocked. But it was beautiful. I slept in till full daylight (about 8 o'clock). After a slow start on the morning, I took some pictures of the late snowfall. Very pretty.

I changed the batteries in the security camera and then I got down to business on the water tank. I had put close to 30 gallons in my portable tank and taken it out to Wilderstead. It must have weighed over 250 pounds. This is at least twice more than I had it in last fall when I put it in place. I lashed a tripod over the blocks it rests on, tied a cradle around the tank, and attached my block and tackle. I'd like to say the job was easy, but it wasn't. At one point, I found myself flat on my back, with the tank having rolled over me and the tripod lying on top of me. Still, I got 'er done. Every task is a learning experience, and I'll know better on a couple of scores next time.

I cleaned up the cabin, put the memory card back in the camera and turned it on, and headed for home. Most of the snow was gone by 11:30. It felt great to be back out in the woods, even if just for a night and a morning.

Wayside Cross Wayside Cross
The main path The main path
Snow on the ground . . . Snow on the ground . . . but the springs are running and every rivulet is flowing swiftly
Bathing pool Bathing pool View down the Pishon from the hither bank
Cabin in the snow Cabin in the snow


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