aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Good day

Well, I got through our UM Scouting Ministry Workshop today. When we paused for lunch, I was really shaky, but I prayed and claimed for myself the promise that "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me," and God was faithful. I'm pooped, but we got 'er done. I could not have pulled it off, through, without Deanne's help. Among other things, she rustled up lunch for us -- appropriately, Boy Scout pizza. Also appropriately, we had Girl Scout cookies for snacks.

We had seven persons besides myself representing six different churches: three in our area; two from the north side of Indy; one in far northern Indiana. Half of us had had previous UM Scouting Ministry training, and half were new. It was a good group. Everyone seemed to think it was a good event, too. One participant shared a "Eureka" moment, and I trust there were others.

My goal in doing this workshop was to present a theory-driven, rather than resource-driven, approach. Yeah, we got this cool thing going and that cool thing, programs and handouts galore. But we need to understand ministry in order to get the most out of our scouting programs. That means we need to understand the Church, and what the Church is trying to do. So we talked about making disciples, about church growth, about evangelism, about Wesleyan-Arminian theology and spiritual formation. And we translated all that into how we do our scouting programs, instead of starting with BSA or GSUSA and extrapolating to the Church.

Those of us who were active in UM Scouting Ministry years ago remember how we labored to marry our theory to our practice and develop an approach that would be church-centered rather than scouting-centered. We've talked a lot in the NAUMS Board about the need for "advanced" training -- or maybe "specialist" training would be a better designation -- something beyond the Everything-Grab-Bag-of-the-Latest-Whizbangery. So this event today could be considered an advanced or specialist training focussed on local church leaders. An advanced or specialist training for Annual Conference and District leaders would also be helpful. I don't know if I can distill this into a format others could use, but at least I got a training event pulled off before I completed my term as NAUMS President. Another achievement completed!

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