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Colours of the Church Africa Mission Trip

I spoke with Lowell Wertz, the director of Joy in the Harvest, today. He was back in the States temporarily, and stopped for lunch on his way from Lexington, KY to the Chicago area.

We talked about lots of things, and somewhere in there he answered a bunch of questions RE next year's trip to Tanzania. For those not aware of it, here's a capsule view of what we're putting together. I will cross-post this to naums.

I will be leading a mission trip for youth and young adults associated with United Methodist CYSA/Scouting ministry to Tanzania in June, 2006. Approximate ages for participants is 14-20. Both boys and girls are welcome to apply. We're looking for youth who have significant church experience as well as significant experience in Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H, or Camp Fire. A connection to The UMC (either as a member/participant or through their scouting group's sponsor) is important, though we might take a buddy of somebody going in order to fill out the crew.

We're looking to fly from Cincy to Dar es Salaam, stay overnight then hop a plane to Kigoma on Lake Tanganyika. The youth will put in a week of personal mission work on projects that suit their interests through Joy in the Harvest. Visiting a refugee camp, working with orphans, doing rec programs and AIDS prevention counseling, church construction, teaching computer classes are all among the possibilities. We will also go boating/swimming on Lake Tanganyika, and probably visit Ujiji (where Stanley met Livingstone).

Then it's off on a two-day train trip to Morogoro. Tour the mission field there, go hiking in the Uluguru Mountains, visit Mikumi National Park for some game spotting. Finally, take the bus back to Dar and fly home.

Venture Crew 699 will be the organizational base for the trip. The trip is co-sponsored by NAUMS and the General Commission on UM Men.

I'm looking at bringing in the whole trip at $2,000 per person. Youth interested in applying to go should contact me and furnish me an e-mail address, so I can get you more info.


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