aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

A little time away

I left E-ville about 12:30 yesterday and headed for the holler. Wilderstead was lovely. I puttered around the cabin, even took a power nap. I also worked on figuring out the infrared camera and solar power panel I'd bought Wednesday at Gander Mountain. The solar panel wouldn't register any power gain in the weak winter afternoon, so I decided to get some batteries for the camera just in case. (I'm not interested in tracking game, but trespassers.)

I got to the Hofbräuhaus at 6:45 and met Zach R. Shortly after we sat down, Hannah S. joined us. Zach has finally graduated with a degree in History. All his History professors urged him to not pursue an advanced degree in History, so he is instead starting a degree in Computer Science this fall. This should dovetail nicely with his database management job for the Museum Center and advance, rather than retard, his income prospects.

Hannah, meanwhile, was her usual perky self. She got a degree in theatrical costume design, so what does she do? She designs and sews custom wedding wear. She's tired of it and was asking what else she could do. I recommended she go in for vestments.

We had a nice long chinwag along with some delicious food. Then it was time to get myself back out to the woods. I got to bed rather late, but slept well and woke up refreshed this morning. Nothin' like a day in the woods to improve your mental and physical well-being, I always say.

I tried to get the tractor going, but I couldn't get the electrical system to power up. I guess I'll have to replace the ignition after all. I had better luck with the infrared camera, but I couldn't get the solar panel mounted. Need more tools, which I will get out there next time. But, as you can see from the example here, it takes good pictures. Until I can figure out how to rig the solar panel, I'll just have to keep batteries in it.

I came home tired but happy to find the usual stack of URGENT, OH-MY-GOD-WHAT'LL-WE-DO, NOW! NOW! NOW! stuff piled up. *Sigh* Back to the salt mines, I guess.

Smile! You're on Wildercam Smile! You're on Wildercam


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