aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Scout Sunday

Well, Scout Sunday went very well. There was a fair bit of chaos and some weirdness around the edges, but not more than is usual in a fallen world. Meanwhile, we had a big turnout of Cubs and Scouts and their parents. The Scout choir went very well. Jeffrey's cake was well received. We presented some groovy awards (congratulations to Alane and Dan). And the boys preaching did a really magnificent job.

Zach was sweet and reflective as he talked about sensing God with him through his first time at summer camp a couple of years ago. Marshall was sympathetic and illustrative as he talked about helping other people. Logan was confident and forceful as he talked about living up to God's expectations. Wow. Any of the three would have been great as a Sunday speaker; together, we had a feast of witness and exhortation far exceeding my expectations.

And then came communion. What a wonderful day.

After fellowship time (goodies!), some of the Venturers and Scouts -- and even a couple of high school boys not in Scouting -- got the tower built. The floor isn't in it yet, but it's up. And it only took us an hour and a half or so. I'll get some Scouts to help me put the floor in tomorrow evening. Then, if I can find my NAUMS flag, I think I'll do some flagpole lashings and run up the old UM Scouting Ministry colors. And then maybe a deck chair. And then maybe Mabel (the mannequin the Venturers found and dressed up). And then maybe a bear. Who knows -- we might keep it up a month or so. (Pix to follow.)

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