aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

He's just a bit different, is our Mitch

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels has just signed the Right to Work law the Republicans pushed through the General Assembly. Daniels has fought hard for this. I know people who see this as a declaration of war; others think it's a great thing. The thing that puzzles me is, Why now? Daniels has never been an ideologue about these things. Sure, he's conservative, but in the past he saw enacting Right to Work as unnecessary and provocative.

Still, Daniels has fought some odd battles before. He began his administration by nanny-stating us all about being fat. Then there was the whole time zone fracas, which I'm not sure I can even explain to a non-Hoosier. He picked those fights because he could see a direct cost benefit to Indiana from Hoosiers losing weight and changing times. So I presume he's become a convert to Right to Work because he's crunched the numbers and thinks it'll make a big enough difference to be worth taking lumps over it.

I can respect that argument, even as I scratch my head over it. It may not follow the conventional political wisdom, but that's our Governor.

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