aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Continuing Education

For those interested in such things, here is the summary of my 2011 Continuing Education report to the Board of Ordained Ministry. It shows what I was reading and what events I was attending. Some of my colleagues might be interested to see what someone else does to keep up.

The History of the Medieval World, by Susan Wise Bauer
God’s Secretaries: the making of the King James Bible, by Adam Nicolson
Searching for Whitopia, by Rich Benjamin
The Abacus and the Cross, by Nancy Marie Brown
The 5 Love Languages, by Gary Chapman
Historical Atlas of Native Americans
Names on the Land: a historical account of place-names in America, by George R. Stewart
“On ‘Germanic,’ by Daniela Fruscione, in The Heroic Age, Issue 14
“Aethelberht’s and Alfred’s Two Skulls,” by Lisi Oliver, in The Heroic Age, Issue 14
“Ealles Englalandes Cyncingc: Cnut’s Territorial Kingship and Wulfstan’s Paronomastic Play," by Jay Paul Gates, in The Heroic Age, Issue 14
“The King’s Closest Counselor: The Legal Basis of Walhtheow’s Comments to Hrothgar, Beowulf 1169-87," by Nathan A. Breen, in The Heroic Age, Issue 14
Charles Williams: Essential Writings in Spirituality and Theology, Charles Hefling, ed.
Mr. Speaker! The life and times of Thomas B. Reed, the man who broke the filibuster, by James Grant
The Cat in Ancient Egypt, by Jaromir Malek
The Lombard Laws, by Katherine Fischer Drew
The Scotch-Irish: a social history, by James G. Leyburn
The Big Scrum: how Teddy Roosevelt saved football, by John J. Miller
The History of the Ancient World, by Susan Wise Bauer
Catching Fire: how cooking made us human, by Richard Wrangham

District Venturing Leader Training (January), 5 contact hours
Confessing Movement seminar (March), 2 contact hours
EFUMC Youth Protection training (May), 1 contact hour
Wilderness and Remote First Aid Recertification (November), 16 contact hours
ARC CPR Recertification (December), 3 contact hours

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