aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Making haste slowly

I'm getting over the crud (bronchitis, which turned into pneumonia). Every day I make some progress. But I notice that my body demands 8-9 hours' sleep per night, if not all in one batch. No exceptions. I also notice that I can run around and do maybe three hours of work in the morning-early afternoon. After that, my internal tank is empty. I piddle around doing office work and such, resting up for whatever evening commitments I have. After the evening go-round of meetings or programs, I'm wiped out, and all I'm good for is some mindless TV.

I have another chest x-ray next week, so if I'm clear of pneumonia, I'm going to try to start seeing some shut-ins again. (I've been staying out of the elderly's homes as much as possible, since they don't need what I've been wrestling with.) But, I need to start regular exercising, and I just don't think I'm up to much yet. We'll see. If I'm completely over this and rested up by Easter, I imagine that'll have to do.

Meanwhile, Deanne's just got another round of antibiotics for her crud. She was in good enough shape to get her Orencia infusion, but that wiped out her immune system, and she seems to be relapsing a bit. And Sassy's listless and wheezy. We're giving her medicine, too. She just wants to lie in front of the gas log and snooze. Only the cats seem unaffected.

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