aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Tenke District Scout Camp

(I'm posting these notes here for the team in Congo who can't upload our documents because they're too big.)

Notes on Tenke District Scout Camp

Suggestions for organization and daily activities

1. Overall Schedule for the Day

Note that each day begins with Morning Prayer, which is a very simple something in place of a flag-raising. The camp assembles, the leader of the day leads us in a song or psalm and a prayer. Then we troop off to Breakfast.

Each day ends with Patrol Devotions, again a simple technique, something like the Thorns & Roses they teach at Philmont.

The camp is led by the Patrol Leaders Ccouncil, which is organized the first afternoon after all (or mostly all) have arrived.

2. Activities

Morning Activities would take place in Program Areas, such as Scoutcraft, Ecology, etc. Since we’re not teaching merit badges, the focus is on doing activities that showcase skills and allow for some competition.

Afternoon Activities would combine some free time with some team athletic events.

Below are some possible activities we could do . .

Lashing: lift high the cross
Firebuilding: all techniques
Rope Toss game
Map Reading
Knowing your pace
Making compasses, laying out N/S lines by sun and stars

Soccer Tournament (very important!) — will take lots of time over several days
Camp Run (race)
Javelin Throw
Plastic slip and slide (Probably not)

Identifying local plants
Erosion demos, weather cycles, etc.
Star study
Something to do with water, mining, etc. — something geological?
— Derek Fullerton is a member of Bloomington First UMC and grew up in South Africa, has worked in Tanzania, and is a geologist who hunts
diamonds — he could give us some pointers here
Something with wildlife? Something about habitat loss, poaching . . . .?
Solar still

Pick one or two projects, such as basketry

Scavenger Hunt
Bible study
Leadership Training (for adults and youth)
Initiative games

Basic first aid knowledge
Water purification?

Recognition — beads for each activity?

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