aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Cuthbert the Ravenous

Our cat eats constantly -- and grows constantly. He wants to be held a lot, too. The good news is that he's no longer biting as much.

He no longer looks "cute" and kittenish. He is instead "handsome" and young-cat-ish. Long and sleek (very long in the limbs). Given to the rips, chasing his own tail, spooking at unseen presences, the whole bag of heebee jeebees.

Last night, he found his way into the miniature tent that belongs to Artos, my birthday bear from a couple years back. For my 50th birthday, my family went to one of those build-a-bear places and outfitted a backpacker bear for me. He has his own little nylon dome tent. Well, Cuthbert was adorable looking out of the mesh window from inside -- but the camera was in another room, and he began to bat at the various nylon ties and stuff that are part of the tent, and I thought this is not going anywhere I want to follow. So the bear's tent in now put up higher.

Cuthbert is a pale yellow, fading to snowy white throat and belly. His white paws are like little girls' cotton gloves. His nose, footpads, inside of mouth are all impossibly pink. Like a black cat hiding in shadows, I swear this cat could hide in a sunbeam. He'd just be part of the soft dazzle -- until he jumped your ankles as you walked past.

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