aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

I'll take butter over BS any day

Paula Deen has Type 2 Diabetes, and apparently that's everybody's business. Of course, she is endorsing some wonder drug or other for it, so I suppose that's legitimate to talk about. But what I don't get is all the people who are dumping on her for her rich Southern cooking. They're actually blaming her for developing diabetes, and implying that she's pushing others over the edge, too. And they're not just blaming the victim; many of them, like the execrable snob Anthony Bourdain, lard it up with condescension and rudeness. I'm sure some of the Health Nazis I know will be sniping at her, too.

Now, contrast that with how the hip crowd handles the correlation between high-risk behavior (especially of the homosexual variety) and the incidence of HIV-AIDS. One can even hear the crickets for a moment before the torrent of abuse gushes forth that we are stigmatizing people. Don't be a hater, you bigot!

Now, I wouldn't wish diabetes or AIDS on anybody, for any reason. But the probability that person X who just contracted HIV was engaging in some sort of very risky behavior, sexual or drug-related, is much higher, I think, than that Paula Deen's diet is the direct, sole cause of her diabetes. But then, there are folks whom we are allowed -- nay, encouraged -- to blame and folks we are forbidden to, it seems, regardless of evidence or explanation.

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