aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

I never get tired of that view

Went over to Wilderstead today to check on things and run some errands. I hadn't been over there since the weekend before Christmas. The reason: partly busy, mostly bronchitis.

I brought home my propane space heater to loan to the Commissioners' booth at the Winter Rendezvous. (The Commissioners aren't the Snow Bunny type.) Winter woods are bare but beautiful. With the leaves down, you can see everything, everywhere.

I had forgotten that I had some water in several containers in the cabin. Obviously, I had intended to get back out there before the hard freeze set it. Placing each container on the space heater for just a little bit loosed up the mammoth ice blocks and I could dump them out and put the containers away. I'm glad I drained my little water tank last time I was out there.

Tomorrow, grub is being delivered to Maumee Scout Reservation. I need to go out tomorrow morning and check it in. Actually, the most critical thing is to make sure that any frozen meat is placed in the cooler rather than the freezer, so we don't have to thaw the stuff come Friday.

Chilly waters Chilly waters Wilderstead, January 16, 2012


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