aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Wow, I'm out of shape

I finally felt good enough to go down to the Fitness Center and get a little exercise tonight. I changed my shoes and fired up one of the treadmills. I decided to do just a wee bit and see where I was in my stamina.

The first quarter-mile was to establish a good sense of what I could sustain. I worked my way up to 2 mph with a 5% grade. I did my second quarter at that setting, then started increasing elevation, then speed. I did my third quarter at 3 mph with a 10% grade. As I began the fourth quarter-mile, I began easing off the elevation until it was at 0%. The last little bit, I eased off the speed a bit. I was shaking after I finished.

Still, not too bad. If I were to go 2-3 times per week for a half-hour to an hour each time and get some road work in, that would be a real help. As my stamina increases, I can do more mileage. I like a moderate grade, too. Once I begin to get comfortable, I can bring my backpack to the Center and put weights in it. This adds more resistance of the sort I need to get in shape for the trail. Without taking longer on the treadmill, I can get more exercise from it.

That, plus more hiking and camping and outdoor work as the spring comes on constitutes my exercise plan. My diet plan is not yet really under way, yet. Baby steps, baby steps. I must forge ahead.

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