aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Because a few people still haven't heard me tell this one

Years ago, the little country church I was pastoring was trying out a new electronic organ. They were deciding against it, but while it was on trial I thought I'd show them what it could do. So I did a bunch of carols and stuff on it (we were in Advent). And I told this joke:
Among professional organists, there are two schools of performance, known colloquially as the with school and the without school -- depending upon whether you play with or without the monkey.

Dead silence. You could have heard crickets chirping in the walls.

So the next week, I show up with a little plush monkey I'd bought, which chittered when you squeezed him in the middle. (I named him Guido -- ten points for anybody who can guess the reference.) And I told the same joke, again -- and made Guido chitter when I did.

More silence. "Tough room," I said.

BTW, I often put Guido on the organ when I play for the occasional service in my current church. Most folks don't even notice him.

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