aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Reindeer Games

Our happy Crew had their Christmas party this afternoon at the church. We grabbed some munchies and right away, the youth split into three teams. Kaleb, Cheyanne, and Jade became the Grinches. Kaila, Jeffrey, and Rachel adopted the name Nolo Contendere. Finally, Ben, Jordan, Dakota, and T.C. were the First Noels.

The Reindeer Games were a series of three team competitions. First up was a tightly-contested game of Christmas Trivia, won by the First Noels with 9 points. The Grinches were next with 8 and the Nolos were right behind them with 7.

Then came the Fashion Show, in which each team had to dress a team member in an outfit of newspaper and duct tape. Then a narrator had to talk about the outfit while the model walked the catwalk. The adults (Pat, Lori, and Deanne) formed the panel of judges. First place went to the Nolos' anime-inspired outfit, followed by the Grinches' dressing of Cheyanne. The First Noels may have come in third, but their shameless flaunting of beefcake deserves special mention for -- well, something. At the end of the second round, it was Nolos 16, Grinches 16, and First Noels 15.

The final competition was a wicked game of Christmas Charades. Each youth got to present to their team at least once. With one round to go, it was all tied up at 17 each. The three final presentations were made and only the Nolos scored, winning the 2011 Crew Reindeer Games with 18 points. Congratulations, Nolo Contenderes!

Kaila Kaila Anime-inspired outfit
Cheyanne Cheyanne Babe in Toyland
Jordan Jordan Going for the scantily-clad Space Pirate thing


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