aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Bloody awful

That's how I'm feeling. Last night, I was all tired and washed out and my legs ached like nobody's business. I thought I might be coming down with the 'flu, but I had no fever or chills or respiratory symptoms. This morning, I felt better, but when I got up my knees ached like I'd walked twenty miles. I'm a bit crampy and light-headed, too.

I could be just exhausted from the pace I have to go at Christmas. Or I could be coming down with something. Or the blood pressure medicine I've been on for the last month could be giving me side effects. I dunno. But I'm staying home and resting up today. I've got lots of paper that needs pushing, so I can be productive without running around and driving myself further into the ground.

Prayers would be appreciated.

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