aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Hip deep in the Christmas madness

Busy day today. Final choir rehearsal is at 11:00. Progressive dinner starts at 4:30. We're hosting the second course. We're serving Tomato Puree Soup, Catseye Salad with Mustard Dressing, Soda Bread crostini, a cranberry-pomegranate-soda concoction and coffee.

Tomorrow also very busy. Choir presents their musical in morning worship. In the afternoon, the Venturers are doing an Ethics Forum. Church Council meets in the evening with lots of end-of-the-year business on the agenda.

Next weekend, I've got a couple of unscheduled days, and I'm hoping to get over to Wilderstead and decompress a little. Oh, yeah, and I've got to go to Jungle Jim's while I'm at it, 'cause I need to buy some bangers (English sausages). The Venturers want bangers and mash on their end-of-the-month winter campout. Yum.

Meanwhile, an elf just appeared at my door and gifted me with two sacks full of salt and vinegar pork rinds. Life is good.

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