aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Hungering for more

The Next Iron Chef has increased in intensity twelvefold. Not only are the remaining chefs top of their class, one gets attached to them after watching them over several weeks. To see one eliminated -- even one you don't particularly care for -- is traumatic. The show is sort of like Highlander ("There can be only one!") in the kitchen.

Of the four remaining chefs, I think Alex Guarneschelli is the weakest and least interesting to watch. Geoffrey Zakarian is probably the most technically proficient chef remaining, but he has a hard time stepping outside his comfort zone. I'm guessing the final will be between Elizabeth Falkner and Michael Chiarello. I'm sorta rooting for Chef Falkner. I think we have enough exemplars of Italian cuisine on Iron Chef America.

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