aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Cowardice on top of deceit

Sen. Mark Dayton, D-Minn. -- the guy who said that Condoleeza Rice lied to him repeatedly and outrageously -- has announced that he will not seek re-election in 2006, citing low poll numbers and fear of political attacks. He said,

I certainly was not looking forward to the likelihood that on Nov. 7, 2006, 99 percent of the people of Minnesota would think less well of me than they do now. There's no question the Republican strategy is to destroy you personally in order to defeat you politically.

I don't think the Republicans were going to have to work too hard to destroy Sen. Dayton -- he was doing a fine job all by himself, closing his office over the election for fear of terrorist attacks (he was the only politican to do so), sliming Condoleeza Rice on the Senate floor, and generally dropping outrageous foolery from his lips on every occasion. But let that go.

The real issue here is cowardice. It's fear of accountability. Sen. Dipstick makes over-the-top charges and then fears to present himself to his constituents -- one of the most liberal States in the Union -- for their verdict. And he blames the other side as he slinks out the door. What a creep.

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