aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Bazaar of the Bizarre

Our happy crew will be participating again in the annual UM Women's Bazaar (thanks, ladies!). This year, the Venturers will be selling Santa bear cookies and chocolate mice.

The Santa bears are a thick, chewy cookie in bear shape. Once cooled, they will be finished with colored icing so that their features (including their cute little stocking caps) will pop out. Deanne took the lead in this endeavor; meanwhile, Kaleb led the mouse factory.

Pictures of goodies and goody-makers are below.

Girls bear down Girls bear down Rolling in dough
Of mice and men Of mice and men Building the better mousetrap with chocolate
A tray of cooling Santa bears waiting to be iced A tray of cooling Santa bears waiting to be iced
Love them tiny mousies Love them tiny mousies


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