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Anne McCaffrey died earlier this week of a stroke. She was 85 years old. It seems so strange to think of Fantasy and Science Fiction authors getting old, since their work seems so young, or at least attracts the young reader. I remember reading McCaffrey's works when I was in high school and later, as they came out. So she is forever part of my young adult experience.

I don't read much Fantasy/Sci Fi these days. The F/SF section in bookstores has become over-cluttered with endless reiterations of stale themes, ever more sexed-up to try to stay "cutting edge." These days, I think historical novels are where the really best authors are working, leaving only the second-rate and the wanna-bes to fill out the F/SF shelves.

Anne McCaffrey's work was fresh and exciting to this kid growing up in the 1960s and 1970s. She has many imitators, but few peers, among F/SF writers today.

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