aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Facebook sucks

Facebook stops importing my blog automatically tomorrow. After today, if I want to share what I write on LJ with my FB friends, I'll have to go an extra step and post a link. I'm thinking that you won't see me quite as much on FB after this. We'll see.

I had thought for some time that the internet was moving toward a convergence of sorts, where no matter what platform you were using, you would be connected with everyone else. Ah, but that's bad for business. Lest we forget, Facebook is a business. Except you and I aren't the customers; we're the product. Facebook is selling us to their advertisers. And if everyone can see everything from no matter where they are, and share on any platform they may find easy to use, then FB can't tell its advertisers they have exclusive control over your content and attention span.

The drones at Occupy Wherever were happy to sip their Starbucks and post to their Facebooks while they imagined sticking it to The Man, not realizing that they were among The Man's most devout worshipers.

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