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Today's pix

I finally made it out to Wilderstead last night. My neighbor has removed one of the iron fence-posts I pounded in to secure the gate, so that gripes my soul. This is after we agreed to do that. We'll have to have that out soon.

It was a beautiful night in the woods. The creek was chuckling and splashing over the stones, and the stars were shining. I built a nice, warm fire in the wood stove and was roasty-toasty all evening. I slept over nine hours. The sun was high when I finally emerged from my sleeping bag in the loft. Did a couple of chores and headed for home.

Deanne is complaining of a sore throat and stuffy nose, so Hera took it upon herself to nurse her back to health. Actually, Hera will curl up on anyone occupying the big chair, but still, it's nice to have a cat to curl up with now and then. She's helping Mommy with her Bible study in the pic below.

Well, gotta get cleaned up for the doin's at church this evening. Missions Committee is sponsoring dinner and a movie.

Bathing Pool from the Hither Bank Bathing Pool from the Hither Bank Pishon Creek, Wilderstead
Our cabin from the farther shore of the creek Our cabin from the farther shore of the creek Wilderstead
Mama's little helper Mama's little helper Take one of these and call me in the morning


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