aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Family Feast

Troop 119's Family Feast went very well. I cooked till I was ready to drop and am now utterly bushed. Several of the other leaders, notably John W., Andy D., and Craig S., also cooked some special dishes, and several parents brought more in.

Of the grub I rustled up, the turkey was much marveled at. It literally fell off the bone as I picked it up. A couple of leaders (see below) kept coming back and picking at it, stripping the last meat off the bones. I got asked for recipes for the turkey, and also the Christmas Hash and the Pecan-Cranberry Dressing. The gumbo was really good, IMHO, and while nobody wanted the recipe, they ate about half the pot.

Fun times on a beautiful late fall day.

Picking at the carcase Picking at the carcase John is like a large raccoon caught in the sudden glare of a flashlight


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