aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Sonnet for a friend


Full tinder was my heart and at your voice
it kindled all at once into a blaze
that lit my darkened cell as with the rays
of myriad stars, as angels that rejoice
before the throne of Life; like those above,
encircling ever One who is the ground
of joy, I thought that I my one had found,
and evermore would burn the flame of love.
Yet fire I once had thought would light my way
and warm my soul is now burnt out and by
my tears is doused and cold. The first pale ray
of rising dawn now bids me with a sigh
to put away the night's tale of regret,
nor mind the ling'ring smell of ashes wet.

I wrote this for a friend. Comments on the poem as such would be welcomed; commentary on whom you might think it refers to would be irrelevant and impertinent.

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