aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Wilderness First Aid

Three of our Philmont expedition crew spent the weekend at Maumee Scout Reservation taking a Wilderness and Remote First Aid course: myself (adult, renewing); T.J. and Dakota (youth, first-timers). This is the best training course I have taken in any field (Scouting, Ministry, Safety, you name it) in years. It's made even better by how we offer it.

The Red Cross usually teaches this as a 16-hour classroom lecture course. Our Council volunteers (EMTs, Nurses, Trainers, the occasional MD or Paramedic) teach it as an indoor-outdoor course of lectures and live-action scenarios. When the course syllabus was last updated a couple of years ago, the national Red Cross leadership sent a team to our course at Maumee to take pictures and observe how we do it, and several of our volunteers are pictured in the official handbook for the course. Howzat?

I am very proud of T.J. and Dakota. They did very well. Their expertise will add another layer of awesome to our Philmont trek next summer.

They feed us well They feed us well Dakota making sure that the cake batter gets cleaned off the spatula
WFA is an outdoor course WFA is an outdoor course Erin and Judy lecturing
Immobilizing the head Immobilizing the head live-action training scenario
Practicing the burrito wrap Practicing the burrito wrap Keeping the victim (T.J.) warm
A victim's eyeview of the scenario A victim's eyeview of the scenario Not much else to see when you're lying in a ravine with a busted leg and arm


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